It's your worst nightmare - a pervert with his own radio show. Snort, snort!

This is the face of a vile, womanizing, sexual predator who publicly stated "That's why women should always wear dresses! So that they can shake their muff out!"

This is the face of a sickening sex pervert who was caught exposing himself online, a shameless adulterer who broke up the family home when he cheated on his wife of twenty-years with a greedy gold-digging nymphomaniac, and who sexually harasses his female members of staff with his constant, grossly indecent comments to women such as "Come sit on my lap! Oh yeah, that's just Leo - ignore him. He's a little bit of a dirty old man here."

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
October 29, 2014
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Every weekend this pathetic, washed-up, 90's TV has-been cons people on national radio under the pretence of being "Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy," a show that has long since degenerated into six hours of "Let me Google that for you" as he dishes out dangerously bad technical advice week after week. Indeed, when Google can't help this tech fraud he either blatantly makes stuff up live on air or desperately hopes his "chat room" will feed him with barely plausible sounding answers. It's the most pathetic type of viewing you could possibly imagine, just like all of the so-called shows that the talentless man-baby Leo Laporte takes part in.

If any other national radio show host was caught doing what Laporte tries to get away with - incompetently broadcasting false and factually inaccurate legal advice or putting the health of people at risk and endangering them with unqualified, made-up medical information - they wouldn't just be struck off, they'd be locked up!

It's official! Leo Laporte SUCKS!

It's bad enough that fake tech guy Leo Laporte regularly fails to turn up on time for his crappy radio show. Man, those 11am starts to the working day must take REAL dedication and effort! Then, if/when he does bother to finally show up, Leo Laporte can't even read his ads properly! Check out the following video, which shows perfectly what a shocking abomination "Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy" has become:

WHY is Leo Laporte paid $3,500 per episode by iHeartRadio... FOR THIS???

The most shocking thing of all? For this level of quality "work" Leo Laporte is paid $3,500 per show by the bankrupt iHeartRadio. Putting this outrageous atrocity into perspective, the average pay rate for a nurse in the USA is $35.36 per hour and teachers earn $28 per hour. iHeartRadio pays disgraced pervert Leo Laporte $1,166.66 per hour, and he STILL can't read his ads properly. Utterly DISGRACEFUL! Bob Pittman and the rest of the idiots at iHeartMedia - Have you no shame?

Leo Laporte Publicly Cons RemotePC on National Radio AGAIN!

Unprofessional, incompetent buffoon, Leo Laporte, constantly mocks and ridicules his own advertisers and sponsors, and REGULARLY fails to read advertisements that they have paid a huge amount of money for. Watch below as this crook waffles on promoting his own failing podcast network on national radio, while COMPLETELY FORGETTING to read an ad for RemotePC:

"Well, THAT wasn't sixty seconds!" - Leo Laporte, a JOKE in his own industry.

RemotePC actually PAID for that?!? It's bad enough that, with no regard whatsoever to the whole #MeToo movement, RemotePC chooses to pay a womanizing sex pervert to promote their product. They get everything they deserve when they get conned by a faker like this. True to form, this CON-MAN instructed his editors to COVER UP and conceal this appalling incident from viewers and the sponsor. Check for yourself in the recording that they published and observe how this latest monumental screw-up was quietly edited out.

Leo Laporte Public Admits to Running Fraudulent Promos!

Hey Federal Communications Commission! Tech fraudster Leo Laporte knowingly creates fraudulent promos for broadcasting on national radio every week. He really couldn't care less about his repeated felonies either. Look:

Fraudulent promos broadcast on national radio? By his own adminssion, Leo Laporte "couldn't care less."

Leo Laporte is a crook, a con-man, a salacious, morally bankrupt, bare-faced liar who will say anything on air for cash and promote any product just so long as the manufacturer pays him enough money to sustain his revolting hedonistic lifestyle and keep a gold-digger sexually interested in him.

The proof? Well, here you go...

Each Sunday afternoon, at the end of his abomination of a radio show this charlatan records a "promo" for the various radio stations that are stupid enough to take his show to broadcast throughout the following week. A pledge from Leo Laporte enticing listeners to tune in the following week to hear him talk about the subject of his promo.

Guess what? Thirty seconds after he has recorded his fake, fraudulent radio promos, this pathetic buffoon has forgotten all about it. The fact that radio stations across the country have been broadcasting that promo throughout the week promising specific content? This con-man couldn't care less and this happens week after week after week: